MSCS Internal Technology Policy

This document is a living, growing document. We will review and revise this policy on a regular basis as circumstances in the building change. The pillars that make up our school - staff, students, society, Palliser, and parents - all play a vital role in the shaping of this document. 

This technology policy does not address specific details as teachers reserve the right to use their own professional  judgment in regards to technology use in the classroom. It does, however, offer insight into the fact that we will address technology issues with the same attention that we address all issues in our building. Violations of the technology policy will be treated as learning opportunities to grow in relation with our own school’s Peacemakers model, and development of Christ-like behaviour. 

All parents reserve the right to choose whether to send a cell phone/personal device to school with their child. These devices will not be necessary for, or add to, the learning experience at Menno Simons Christian School. Menno Simons Christian School acknowledges the role of the parent in ensuring content on their child’s phone is suitable for their family and for a Christian school environment, and in having discussions with their child surrounding their family’s rules around technology. 

Cell phones must be on silent mode and be kept in the students’ locker and out of sight. If there are issues with cell phone use at school, parents will be notified. Teachers/administration reserve the right to confiscate cell phones.

Technology time/use of ChromeBooks in the classroom will be teacher directed. Students found participating in acts that are not safe, related to class material, educational, or teacher directed tasks, will lose their ChromeBook privileges. A time period will be attached to this loss, and consequences will increase at each offence, with the possibility of losing the ChromeBook for a lengthy period of time. Parents will be notified of each offence. This will directly follow the student discipline model that is posted on our website. 

Teachers/administration understand that it is necessary to have a technology time/traditional class work balance within their classroom. All teachers strive to achieve a healthy balance of these objectives’ within their classes, and reassess this balance on an ongoing basis.

Revised September 2019