Parking Lot Guidelines

To ensure a safe environment for our students we ask that parents be aware of our parking lot rules.

Watch the Parking Lot Etiquette Video below for additional information. 

Please read the rules below to understand what you can and cannot do in the parking lot.

  1. Please respect the one-way traffic that we have in our parking lot. Upon entry turn right to keep traffic flowing in a circular motion. Please DO NOT drive the WRONG way into the middle of the parking lot.
  2. Please keep the inside lane moving through. No stopping at the top of the curve in the inside lane.  Just keep on driving.
  3. Hug & Go Lane 
    • Please use the curb lane near the school (parallel to 69th) up to the yellow fire hydrant for drop-off.
    • Do not leave your vehicle or park and wait in your vehicle. Just drop off and go!
    • Do not stop to drop off your children in the crosswalk or along the curve next to the handicapped parking/gymnasium doors. Students are trying to navigate through those areas and vehicles cannot pass or have a clear sight of students walking when you stop in those areas. 
  4. Please stay on the sidewalk and use the crosswalks when walking to and from your vehicle.
  5. Please don't use your cell phones while driving in our parking lot.
  6. Please do NOT park in any of the areas marked with yellow lines or No Parking signs.
  7. Please respect the handicapped parking spots.
  8. Please park within the designated lines in the parking lots

Thank you for helping keep our parking lot accident-free!

Need more info? View our Parking Lot Video below!

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