Application Process

Step 1 - Submit an Application

Please make sure you complete all the forms on the application checklist. Your application will not be considered or processed until you submit all applicable documents with the required $100 application fee. Applications for Grades 1 - 9 can be submitted year-round. Kindergarten applications can be submitted in January of the year prior to enrollment. For example, applications for the September 2025 school year can be submitted January 2024

Application Checklist (click the links to complete the necessary forms)


Step 2 - Interview

If a spot is available your family will be offered an interview. You will have a 48 hour period to accept the invitation to interview and make arrangements with the school office to schedule a meeting time. During the interview the principal will assess whether or not our school has the resources and capacity to support your child in their learning. 

Step 3 - Acceptance

After the interview, should the application be successful, you will be given additional registration forms to submit and arrange for New Family Capital Fee payment.  You will also be scheduled to attend a New Family Orientation.

Fee Schedule

Wait List

If no vacancy exists in the applicable grade, your child will automatically be placed on a wait list. 


Step 4 - Online Registration

Registered families will receive electronic enrollment paperwork to complete online.  Forms will include all consents, verify contact information and include payment method and frequency options.

Kindergarten Applications

We accept Kindergarten applications 20 months prior (First Business Day of January) to the September Enrollment Date. 

Students enrolling for Kindergarten MUST be 5 years of age on December 31st of the year they begin in September.

Preparing for Kindergarten Information Sheet

Kindergarten entry is an ideal time to review your child's vaccination history. It is important to keep your child's vaccination up to date to prevent disease and to help your child healthy. 

Vaccination Information