Grades Offered


The Kindergarten program at Menno Simons Christian School invites children to discover God’s world as they participate in a variety of learning experiences. Children are viewed as uniquely created individuals and are encouraged to grow at their own rate. Planning is based on the Alberta Curriculum, and includes the following areas:

  • early literacy
  • early numeracy
  • creative expression
  • spiritual/faith development
  • physical skills and well-being
  • physical and social responsibility
  • personal and social responsibility
  • environment and community awareness
  • citizenship and identity

Within centre activities, children are given the opportunity to learn through play as they interact with their peers; receiving guidance and instruction extends their understanding and growth. As learning also takes place beyond the school, field trips are a vital aspect of the Kindergarten program.

A sense of community begins even at this level as children develop relationships with a ‘buddy’ in an older class. They are also included in school-wide activities such as Chapels and assemblies.

Currently, our Kindergarten program runs all day Monday and Wednesday with the addition of all day Friday at the start of December.


Elementary, Grades 1-6


We recognize that children are gifts from God. Each child has unique learning abilities and styles which we strive to nurture. We provide a safe and caring learning environment, where children are given opportunities to explore, create and discover in a variety of subject areas. In order to provide an education for life, we focus on the academic, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual development of the child. Children are encouraged and challenged to be the best they can be.

The children are given many opportunities to develop relationships with other students and adults in the school community. Christ is the centre of our community and the children attend Christian Studies classes, daily devotions, and weekly chapels. We, along with families, provide a strong foundation on which to build a closer relationship with God.


Division Two is a dynamic learning community. Teachers meet regularly to discuss academic programming, social interactions, and activities. In addition to regular academic classes, we work together to foster proficiency in using technology as a tool. We help students develop keyboarding skills and online safety through our Digital Citizenship program.

We are also intentional about developing a community inspired by the teachings of Christ. We plan divisional celebrations and community times throughout the year. Our students take a leadership role in creating and presenting the annual Christmas Musical with the Division One students.

We encourage our Grade Six students to ease into the independence of Junior High life by spending three days at Camp Evergreen in October and offering leadership opportunities throughout the year.

We strive to work and learn together to help our students achieve success in all areas of their life.

Jr. High, Grades 7-9

The life of a junior high student at Menno Simons is very exciting! Though we are a small school, we are able to offer a large program that all students are able to participate in.

Within the classroom, we offer small class sizes allowing students and teachers to know and understand each other well. Lessons are created with our students in mind. Some classes are grade-specific, while others, CTF options, for example, are mixed with Grade 7-9 students and change with each term. Junior high students are encouraged to be leaders within our school through our buddy program, clubs, and student council.

Outside the classroom, there are many extracurricular activities available throughout the year including sports teams, musicals, clubs, and ski days. Special trips are planned for each grade, with Grade 7 and 8 students traveling to Quebec/Ontario and Grade 9 students traveling to Victoria to sail with SALTS. At the end of their time at Menno Simons, our Grade 9 students are celebrated in style with our graduation ceremony and events.

We hope you come check us out and see what we are all about!