Staff Directory

Admin Team

Photo of Dayle Vienneau

Dayle Vienneau

Principal, LA

Phone: (403) 531-0745

Photo of Amanda Toews

Amanda Toews

Administrative Assistant

Classroom Teachers

Photo of Michelle Hunsberger

Michelle Hunsberger


Photo of Sandy Karg

Sandy Karg

Grade 1

Photo of Nilani Liyanage

Nilani Liyanage

Grade 2

Photo of Deista McMillan

Deista McMillan

Grade 3

Photo of Kate Laughland

Kate Laughland

Grade 4

Photo of Tessa Janzen

Tessa Janzen

Grade 5

Photo of Erin Folkerts

Erin Folkerts

Grade 6

Photo of Ashwin John

Ashwin John

Grade 7, Science, Math (Gr 7)

Photo of Duane Hall

Duane Hall

Grade 8 Homeroom, LA (Gr 7 & 8) & Social Studies (Gr 7)

Photo of Marvin Grasmeyer

Marvin Grasmeyer

Grade 9 Homeroom, Athletic Director, Math (Gr 8 & 9)

Photo of Deanne Carey

Deanne Carey

Jr High Social Studies (Gr 8 & 9) & Health

Photo of Christina Carpenter

Christina Carpenter

Music, French, Band

Photo of Fonda Wiebe

Fonda Wiebe

Music, Physical Education, Christian Education, Art

Society Staff

Photo of John Lucas

John Lucas

Executive Director

Photo of Ann Pan

Ann Pan

Society Administrator

Photo of Keith Hunsberger

Keith Hunsberger

Business Administrator

Photo of Ric Dueck

Ric Dueck


Support Staff

Photo of Katelyn South

Katelyn South

Family School Liaison Counsellor

Photo of Leah Ekubazgi

Leah Ekubazgi

Making Connections Worker

Photo of Erika Driedger

Erika Driedger

Educational Assistant

Photo of Christina Jonah

Christina Jonah

Educational Assistant

Photo of Linda Imanse

Linda Imanse

Educational Assistant

Photo of Deanna Willms

Deanna Willms