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Why are we called Menno Simons Christian School?

Watch the video below and learn about this amazing trailblazer, Menno Simons, and why we are named after him!

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The History of Turkey Man & Duck Girl

Turkey Man and Duck Girl are not only our SUPER FUN mascots, they are mentors for our entire Menno community helping teach us how we should act to be like Christ! 

Watch the video to learn how they came to be and how you too can be a mentor.

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Kindies Rule

Learn why the Kindergarteners rule the school! 

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Grade 1 is so FUN!

What makes Grade 1 so FUN? Watch the video!

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This is Grade 2

Watch the video to learn all about Grade 2!

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Feeling Free in Grade 3!

Grade 3 is all about the freedom to be yourself!

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Exploring Grade 4!

What makes Grade 4 so unique at Menno Simons Christian School? Watch the video to find out!

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Let's DIVE into Grade 5!

The Grade 5's work hard, play hard, and have lots of fun!

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In the Mix with Grade 6!

Grade 6 is a transition year to Jr High. Find out how we prepare our students for this transition!



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Come in for a Personal Tour!

Excited to find out more?

Schedule a personal tour of the school to discover the Menno Simons Christian School difference by emailing 
or phoning (403) 531-0745 extension 253.