What is the application process to MSCS?

If you are interested in applying to MSCS please click here to view our application process

Can I tour the school?

Absolutely! Please contact the school @ (403)531-0745 ext 253 or email the Society Administrator to schedule your tour today.

What is the Kindergarten schedule?

Currently our Kindergarten program runs all day Monday and Wednesday with the addition of all day Friday in the middle of November.

What is the age requirement?

The age entrance requirement for Kindergarten is age five years by December 31 of the year enrolled. Final acceptance into the program will be based upon a readiness assessment by the teacher.  

The age entrance requirement for Grade 1 is age six years by December 31 of the year enrolled.  Parents of children with birthdays after December 31, who have successfully completed kindergarten, may appeal to the Principal.  With an appeal they must provide supporting educational assessments.

Do we have a preschool program?

MSCS does not currently offer a preschool program but we have partnerships with local preschools that we can refer you to.

Do we offer before and aftercare?

MSCS does not currently offer before and aftercare but we have partnerships with local before and aftercare programs that we can refer you to.

What time does school start and end?

To view our current school schedule please click here.

Is academic screening a part of the application process?

MSCS does not select students through an academic screening process. 

Do you have to attend a Mennonite church to attend MSCS? or any church?

MSCS teaches from an Anabaptist Mennonite Perspective but we have an open admission policy, accepting students with a variety of faith backgrounds. Parents and students are asked to support our Statement and Confession of Faith.


Do the students wear uniforms?

Yes we have a uniform program at MSCS. More information about our school uniforms can be found here. 

Do we have busing?

Busing is not currently available at MSCS but we do encourage carpooling among our families.