Commitment and Expectations

MSCS is a school that emphasizes:

  • community, service, peacemaking, the centrality of Christ at the core
  • educating the whole child with both classroom and extra-curricular programs as integral
  • valuing, caring for and challenging each child to be their best and pushing students towards quality learning and living
  • operating in partnership with the church and the home and together building a sense of community
  • creating cross-grade experiences so that students learn to form relationships and care with other children and adults across age groups
  • rejecting the use of violence in solving conflicts
  • involving students in service projects in school and in the community
  • creating a joyful, creative and productive learning community
  • committing teachers to a journey of improvement, innovation, creativity and assessment
  • creating rich and varied learning experiences to meet diverse classroom needs
  • using technology as a learning tool
  • exceeding outcomes from the Alberta Learning Curriculum
  • setting a climate of trust and respect

What does MSCS expect of students?

  • to demonstrate high standards of academic and personal effort and achievement
  • to be serious about their learning and to give their best effort
  • to be responsible for participating actively in school and class (coming to class prepared, completing all work, abiding by the dress code)

Who are we at MSCS?

  • MSCS is based on the Anabaptist philosophy and teaching that believes that students need to be nurtured in their faith, ask questions in an open environment, form their own faith within a Christian community, be challenged to have their beliefs demonstrated in actions that build God’s kingdom and learn to see their learning and their living as connected

What commitment does MSCS make to students?

  • we will create a healthy and caring school climate characterized by respect, care and welcome
  • we will teach effectively and evaluate in orderly classes
  • we will give opportunities for students to participate responsibly in school to strengthen their capacity to lead and collaborate with others
  • we will show genuine interest in students and recognize their individual differences and worth
  • we will model a Christian walk for them and nurture their search for and formation of life values