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Pop in and meet Mr Potvin!

Tell us a little bit about your educational experience

"I have been very fortunate and really quite blessed to have worked in education in many different countries and in various roles, from program designer, classroom teacher, university professor, Superintendent and curriculum writer." 

What is your role at Menno?

"My role at Menno Simons Christian School is to listen carefully to parents, staff and administrators, to discern the wishes and aspirations of the community. I intend to build trust and a culture of ‘listening to hear’ what the community would hope for, through the school and for its young people."

Why did you come to Menno?

"There was, for me, a constituting moment in early January. I experienced a confluence of events then that included  encouragement to consider working at Menno, conversations about schooling with friends and the unfortunate halt to an education project I was working on in Tanzania.  But most significantly I felt that gentle nudge that we have all experienced, I believe it to have been that ‘Holy Spirit’ tap on the shoulder for me to listen to what Menno Simons Christian School had in store for me. The result? A decision to enter into conversations with Palliser, the Board and Society, and an ultimate decision to accept the role as Interim Principal for the remaining five months of the school year."

Fun Facts

I am married to Ann (37 years as of March 4th), and have three children and four grandchildren.  My favourite colour is green, favourite food is butterscotch ice cream when there is none of Ann’s apple pie to eat. My dream vacation would be a round the world trip with my best friend (who happens to be my wife Ann).

Crazy Facts!

I have been stung by scorpion, chased by a Black Mamba snake to name just two interesting ‘fun’ facts,  but as far as I can tell, I am still quite alive and able to talk about these and other close calls from my work over the years in international settings.

What are you most looking forward...

I am looking forward to building trust among us and hearing more about your dreams and hopes for your children.

Favourite Scripture

"For we are God’s masterpiece, created in Christ Jesus for good works he has created for us to do." Ephesians 2:10

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