The Kindergarten program at Menno Simons Christian School invites children to discover God’s world as they participate in a variety of learning experiences. Children are viewed as uniquely created individuals, and are encouraged to grow at their own rate. Planning is based on the Alberta Curriculum, and includes the following areas:

  • early literacy
  • early numeracy
  • creative expression
  • spiritual/faith development
  • physical skills and well-being
  • physical and social responsibility
  • personal and social responsibility
  • environment and community awareness
  • citizenship and identity

Within centre activities, children are given opportunity to learn through play as they interact with their peers; receiving guidance and instruction extends their understanding and growth. As learning also takes place beyond the school, field trips are a vital aspect of the Kindergarten program.

A sense of community begins even at this level as children develop relationships with a ‘buddy’ in an older class. They are also included in school-wide activities such as Chapels and assemblies.

Currently our Kindergarten program runs all day Monday and Wednesday with the addition of all day Friday at the start of December.