Tuition & Fees

Society Fees

Menno Simons Christian School (MSCS) is an alternative school within the Palliser Regional School Board. MSCS charges a Society Fee that supports the Christian emphasis and programming of the school as well as all aspects related to the building. Society Fees are determined on a yearly basis and finalized at the beginning of January each year. 

The Society Fees for the 2022/2023 School Year are as follows:

ECS (Kindergarten)                     $1405.00 per child

Grade 1 to Grade 9                     $3090.00 per child

Family Maximum                        $7725.00 per family

There is also a one time Capital Donation (tax receipt issued) of $1500 once a family has been accepted to MSCS.  

Tax receipts are issued for Capital Donations in the name(s) of the payee(s). Tax receipts are issued in December and August.

Payment Policy

Fees are due in full upon registration.

Monthly and semi-annual payment plans are available for families who wish to spread payments throughout the year. Payments can be made by credit card, direct debit or cheque. 

Student Fees

Student fees are separate and calculated on an individual basis. These will be communicated throughout the school year from the front office and paid via School Cash Online.

The student fees help to cover the cost of curriculum-based field-trips, transportation to field trips, and program enhancements.