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Water Facts and Getting Outdoors!

Water Facts

We use water in many ways every day. Every system in our body depends on water. We need water to:
• Cool our bodies (when we sweat)
• Help with digestion
• Absorb and carry nutrients throughout the body
• Remove wastes and help the body repair itself
• Act as a cushion for our organs and joints

Our body also loses a lot of water through our skin, when we breathe and through our urine. To maintain a balance we need to make sure we are drinking enough water and other healthy fluids to replace what we are using.
Kids will usually drink when they are thirsty. Make sure they have water available to drink throughout the day. Tap water found in schools is safe. It is tested regularly for germs and chemical content. Often children will bring water bottles to school that can be filled with tap water. These bottles must be kept clean so kids don’t get sick. Here are some guidelines to follow when drinking from water bottles:
• Reusable water bottles should be brought home to be washed at least once a week. They should be washed with hot soapy water allowed to dry.
• The bigger the opening on the container, the easier it is to clean.
• Single service bottles, such as those used for bottled water that you buy at the store, should not be used more than one time.

Exposure to heat can cause a breakdown in the plastic and these bottles are not made of durable plastic designed for cleaning.
Drinking water every day is a simple way to stay healthy and feel great!

Get Outdoors and Explore

Do you remember playing in the “great outdoors” as a child; being with friends, exploring the landscapes, searching for bugs, cycling down hills, walking through puddles or playing your favourite games on the grass? For many, our best childhood memories are being outdoors. We probably didn’t know it when we were young but outdoor play helps build healthy bodies and healthy minds. Interacting with nature and other children while playing outdoors helps:
• Fuel curiosity and creativity
• Improve mental health and well-being
• Build observation, problem solving, and social skills
• Provide an opportunity to “unplug” from technology
• Boosts confidence and self-esteem

Children are naturally drawn to outdoor play. It provides opportunities to jump, run, climb, swing, balance and roll while allowing a place to be creative, practice skills, challenge one-self and explore! Kids can connect with nature by exploring playgrounds, climbing trees, throwing rocks in streams, jumping through tall grass, inventing new games or just digging in the sand or mud. If children are outside, they will find any number of ways to play. Here are some tips to encourage outdoor play:
• Keep it simple and fun – going for a walk, searching for different shaped rocks or playing tag are all simple yet fun things to do outdoors
• Keep it local at first – visit a garden, park or patch of green space in your community.
• Do it together – invite your family and friends to get everyone involved and outdoors
• Set clear boundaries and allow your children to play freely and safely.
Outdoor play is enjoyed by people of all ages and is a great way to connect with nature, enjoy fresh air, and be more active.


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