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Safe Food for Lunch

Food is an enjoyable part of everyday living. When we eat, we want to have the proper nutrition, but we also want the food to taste and look good. One thing we never expect is to get sick from the food we eat. To keep any food safe we can follow four easy steps:

Chill – Keep food at 4ºC or colder. Use an ice pack in your child’s lunch bag or freeze a juice box. You will still have cold juice by lunch, and the rest of the lunch will be safer to eat.

Cook – Colour no longer indicates doneness. To make sure the germs that cause foodborne illness are killed, check the temperature of the food with a thermometer. An internal temperature of 74ºC should be reached at the end of cooking. Reheat foods to an internal temperature of 74ºC as well.

Clean – Handwashing is one of the best ways to prevent many types of illness. The most important time to wash is after going to the bathroom. Use clean dishes to prepare food. Wash fruits and vegetables before eating.

Separate – Keep raw foods and cooked foods separate. Clean dishes between preparing different types of food or use separate dishes.

These four steps will help to keep any food safer to eat and prevent foodborne illness.


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