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Pack a Healthier Lunch with Less Litter

On average a child or youth taking a lunch to school will throw away packaging that can create 30 kilograms/67 pounds of litter in a
school year. It’s clear that lunches with less packaging will help reduce this litter, but they are also a chance to pack healthier foods. Some pre-packaged foods can have more sugar, salt, and fat than foods you choose and package yourself. Also, these ready-to-go options may not have a lot of fibre, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

Here’s one idea to reduce litter and pack a healthier lunch.

Instead of buying a small pre-packaged lunch with meat and cheese, a fruit drink or pop, and a candy bar, try this tip:

In reusable containers pack:

  • whole grain crackers, lean meat, and lower milk fat cheese
  • water in a reusable water bottle
  • a piece of fruit or cut vegatables

These simple changes may provide more fibre from choosing whole grain crackers, bread or wraps and fruit or vegetables.The changes may also help you to use less fat by choosing lean meats, lower milk fat cheese, and less sugar by sending water instead of a sugar sweetened drinks, and it is all done without throw away packaging!

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