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Hand Washing

Anytime is hand hygiene time. Studies done by the Center for Disease Control have shown that if children wash their hands as few as four times during the school day they have up to 50% fewer colds, flu and sore throats.

There are five important steps:

1. Wet hands with warm water.
2. Apply enough soap.
3. Scrub for 20 seconds focusing on the thumb and fingertips.
4. Rinse off the soap and dirt.
5. Dry hands well.

The first four steps remove 60% of the germs. The last 40% of the germs come off when hands are dried. Keeping skin in good condition also keeps the germs away, so use lotion if skin gets dry. If the dirt is visible, waterless hand gels do not work. The best way to keep the germs away is to use plain soap and water, spend the time and get good friction. Hand hygiene continues to be one of the best and simplest ways to stay healthy all year round.

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