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Palliser's Student Leaders in Spotlight this Month

Hello everyone,

This month I want to share my thoughts on an extraordinary event. On March 21, I had the honour of joining four high school students from across Palliser (Calgary Christian School, County Central High School, Heritage Christian Academy and Picture Butte High School) in Saskatoon, where the students led a presentation to the National Congress on Rural Education. As the name suggests, this conference draws a national audience of trustees and educators – all but one province and one territory were represented -- and over the past two decades, it has established a solid reputation.

The four students were representing about 50 of their peers, sharing their experience in organizing and hosting Palliser’s Discover U student leadership conference in November. The presentation was outstanding, and our students did an amazing job of sharing. They talked about the confidence the process instilled, the creative licence they enjoyed, and the inspiration generated by the event’s guest speaker and by their peers.

I can’t say enough about how powerful it was to see our students on a national stage talking about the inclusive nature of the event, the diversity of our division and the strength that comes from working together.

Across our division, I know our staff are constantly encouraging students to explore their leadership potential. Every individual regardless of age or position can lead, and we’ll see that demonstrated at another student leadership event April 28. Organized by a committee of school principals, the “Planting the Seed for the Future” event is for students in Grades 4-6. By the time they reach high school, our students will be seasoned leaders ready to shine on any stage.

A week earlier, April 21, we’ll have a Discover U follow-up event. In teams at their middle or high schools, students have been working to solve a problem or address an issue, and this will be an opportunity for them to share their achievements.

I can’t stress how important this work is, and how proud I am of the Palliser team for giving students these opportunities to grow as leaders. Like literacy, leadership abilities will carry students far no matter where life leads.

Kevin Gietz, Superintendent

Palliser Regional Schools


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