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No New Year’s resolutions here

Happy New Year to all our students, staff and families! This is the time of year when many individuals make sweeping promises of change, resolutions intended to reshape our lives and often our bodies. For Palliser, there aren’t new resolutions in store. Instead, 2016 brings a continued focus on the core values that have made us one of the top performing school divisions around.
For many years our focus as a division has been on providing safe and caring learning and working environments. All of our schools commit at least one annual goal to the safe and caring environment. At many schools, that involves working on encouraging student leadership and character education. Our students and staff care about each other and look out for one another. Empathy is one of the greatest life skills we can learn.
For more than a half dozen years, assessment for learning has been embraced across our division as a way to empower our students as learners. The teacher’s assessment of what a student has learned already and what they need to master next shapes the teacher’s instruction. It is individualized and it builds a meaningful partnership between the teacher and the student that can be a powerful engine of learning.
Our literacy focus was embraced in more recent years and is a natural extension of this commitment to assessment for learning. We continue to see evidence of literacy abilities as key to unlocking learning and comprehension at all levels and all subject areas. By assessing student reading abilities and tailoring instruction to the individual, we ensure our students have the critical thinking and information processing skills they need to make the most of their education and their lives, wherever they might lead.
None of this is new, and none of it is going away. Through this unwavering focus, we have witnessed a positive impact on learning. Our students are building character, they’re expressing leadership in a variety of ways and they have the thinking skills to comprehend and analyze information that comes at them in a variety of forms. That sounds like a pretty great recipe for individual success.
Thank you to our teachers and support staff who are giving our students daily opportunities to grow and explore. You can honestly say your daily efforts are helping to unlock the limitless potential of our students.
Kevin Gietz, Superintendent
Palliser Regional Schools


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