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Make the most of your time in school

Hello everyone,

April showers bring May flowers. What do May flowers bring?
It’s an old joke and this year, we barely had any showers and some May flowers have already come and gone.

Our seasons are fleeting. An early snowfall brings an abrupt end to fall. A mild January makes short work of winter. Seasons, like our lives, can change on a dime.

I raise this as an encouragement to our students to make the most of every day and every opportunity. Your school years will fly by. Ask this year’s Grade 12 students who are about to begin the rituals of graduation – one last exam, one final assembly, goodbyes and then off to new challenges.

I hope each of our graduates can look back on their K-12 years with satisfaction. I hope they were able to enjoy a rich range of experiences, academic and otherwise. Did they discover a love of art, science or welding? Did they unleash a passion for poetry, a flare for physics or a knack for numbers?

I encourage students to leap in to options, clubs, sports and other activities at your school even if you’re not sure they’re your “thing.” Your school provides the safest, judgment-free environment for trying something new, taking a chance and spreading your wings. At school, failure is part of learning. A wrong answer is a learning opportunity. The teachers and support staff are there to encourage and look out for you. Every time you latch on to an opportunity and show a spark of discovery you’ll be making their day. Trust me. That moment is what we as teachers live for.

Thank you to all of our staff and volunteers who help give our students access to the multitude of activities at our schools, sharing their own individual passions for sports, trades, arts, history and more. Every new experience our students have deepens their background knowledge of the world, connects them to others and builds their confidence.

As we enter graduation season, let’s remember that this milestone for students is a celebration not only for our grads and our high school staff, but for all the parents, teachers, educational assistants, bus drivers and school administrative assistants who gave students a word of encouragement, comfort or help over the years.

Kevin Gietz, Superintendent

Palliser Regional Schools


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