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Literacy work starts early and never stops

Hello everyone,

Spring seems to have arrived early and with it, we’re already looking forward to the 2016-2017 school year.

Our elementary schools will soon be hosting developmental check-ups for three- to five-year-olds who are entering early learning or kindergarten programs this fall. These check-ups are a fantastic service to parents, providing access to experts in early childhood development, including speech and language pathologists, right in their own communities. These free, one-hour sessions are a great way for parents/guardians to confirm which skills their children are well on their way to mastering and which areas require more support.

These check-ups help determine the support and resources incoming early learning and kindergarten students will need this fall. They also give children an opportunity to visit the school they’ll be attending, have a positive hour of fun activity, and likely alleviate some of the anxiety that might come when school starts.

Our early learning and kindergarten staff help children establish a foundation for vital skills to ensure readiness for Grade 1.

The programs continue to offer children a fun environment, but daily activities are purposeful. Through play, children will be learning everything from letter sounds, co-ordination and muscle control for writing, and the connection between letters, words, sounds and pictures.

If we get these early years right, we will be well on our way to our three-year goal, that by March 2019, 95 per cent of our Grade 3 students will be reading at expected level. Once we achieve that goal, imagine the difference we can make to student learning in every grade that follows. Instead of spending time and energy trying to catch up students who have fallen behind their peers, we’ll be able to focus on learning in all of the subject areas, and our students will have the comprehension abilities to begin mastering math, science and social studies.

The early years are an investment in success at all grades. Our literacy program is an investment in success in school and in life. It’s spring, and we’re sowing seeds that promise a lifelong harvest.

Kevin Gietz, Superintendent

Palliser Regional Schools



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