Menno Simons Christian School Council

The Menno Simons School Council consists of parents, our principal, teachers and interested community representatives who work together to support and enhance student learning.  They provide a way for members of the community to consult with and offer advice to the principal and the Palliser School Board.  Our School Council aims to:

  • Focus on what is best for all students in the school
  • Consider the interests of all school stakeholders
  • Develop, maintain and reflect the culture of the school
  • Represent the parent voice in the school community

Parents play an important role in student success. Our School Council allows parents to participate in decisions that impact student learning. By contributing knowledge, perspective and ideas at our monthly School Council meetings, parents are actively contributing to the success of our school community.

Our School Council is composed of one representative per grade and a School Council Chair. Our Council helps to facilitate our close community by hosting Muffin Mornings, Teas for Two, Family events and other special events as needed.  We are a conduit of information between the classroom teacher and our parents and facilitate that communication on an as need basis.  

We are actively seeking a secretary to record minutes of our monthly meetings, which are held in the Library.  All are welcome to attend.

Our School Council Meeting Schedule is:

September 18

October 16

November 20

December 11

January 15

February 26

March 19

April 16

May 28

June 11 

If you have further questions about School Council or how you can become involved, please contact Maureen Ross at

Executive Elections!

Menno Simons School Council will be hosting the Executive elections for the upcoming (2018 - 2019) school year. They will be seeking a Chair, Vice Chair and a Secretary. If you are interested in participating on the Executive of School Council then attend the May 28th meeting at 2:00pm in the staff room. 

Please find attached the descriptions for:

MSCS Executive Policy

MSCS Meeting Policy

MSCS Sub Committee Policy

School Council Minutes

SCHOOL MINUTES: Monday September 18, 2017  


Secretary:  Kelly Arraf

In Attendance: Kelly A., Tricia S., Jane K., Debbie B., (parent) Tyler B., (parent) Philip Knafla (principal), Jennifer D., Hana M., Carolyn M.,  Lisa L., Numidia B., Beth M W, Maureen R.

  1.  Welcome, Prayers and Introduction:  Maureen R.
  1.  Palliser Update:   Esther Willms:
  • The Acting Superintendent is Brian Andjelic, recently retired from a nearby school division. He will be with us for a month until Dave Driscoll can take over as our Superintendent.
  • We received our Organizational Structure Review report at Friday's meeting. Some changes will be announced shortly.
  • Our projected numbers for the school year are down a little, but we're hoping that will change before the September 30th cutoff date for budgeting purposes.
  • Today is Nomination Day for the October election. I will not be running this term, as much as I have enjoyed my time as a trustee. Thanks for all your support as your representative.
  1.  Principal Report:   Mr. Knafla
  • Shared Society Update with us.
  • Discussion with Mr. Knafla regarding use of personal devices (iPods, etc.) during school hours. Mr. Knafla detailed that students are allowed to listen to music when given permission by a teacher to help them focus.  Further to this, students must remove ear-buds
  • when asked.  Teachers have the responsibility to decide which students can use earbuds, where, when, and for how long.  Moreover, Mr. Knafla, listening to the concerns of several room parents regarding what 'type of music' may be on the devices,  said that ultimately the PARENTS are still responsible for the child's device, and what content may be on it. Mr. Knafla said he would reinforce with staff that only appropriate students should be using earbuds, and that the sharing of earbuds during school hours may be met with a reminder regarding the appropriate type and use of music.
  1.  Grade Representative Introductions

Kindergarten - Tricia

Grade One -Jane

Grade Two- Carolyn

Grade Three - Lisa

Grade Four - Hana

Grade Five - Kelly

Grade Six - Beth

Grade Seven - Numidia

Grade Eight - Shivawn (absent)

Grade Nine- Jen

  1.  Discussion of Perfect Attendance Foundation, a parent lead initiative.  Parents would self register students (Grades 2-6) to win prizes such as gift cards, if attendance in shown to be perfect in a certain time period.  Mrs. Best would print out the child's attendance, and Mrs. Best has agreed to participate in this. A link will be provided and will be sent out to parents of children in Grade 2 to 6.
  1. Meet the teacher Night discussed. Name tags for all will be provided, and room parents are highly encouraged to be present and visible during the evening.
  1.  Scholars Cup and Speech Clubs were discussed.  Three parents are willing to help with the training and co-ordination of the clubs. A teacher representative would also be needed and Mr. Knafla indicated he would discuss this with the teachers, and follow-up on the specific regulations.
  1.  Tea for Three was discussed. Ideally the grades that are paired together could co-ordinate a Tea in the early few months of the school year to foster fellowship and help new families to get to know others.  Maureen has offered her home if room parents are not able to use one of their homes.  Room parents will co-ordinate within their group and send out a class email. The following grades have been paired together for Tea For Three:

 Kindergarten, grades 2 & 4

 Grades one, three, five

 Grades six, seven, eight and nine.  

  1.  Muffin Morning was discussed.  it was agreed upon to do it only on busy chapel mornings, and to only have 3-4 classes make the muffins per gathering (to cut down on the excess food). Specific dates to be reviewed by Maureen (after we find out what chapel is on what date). Maureen will email updates on this.  The pairing for muffin bakers would be as follows:

 Kindergarten & Grades 1, 2, 3

 Grades 4, 5, 6

 Grades 7, 8, 9

  1.  Family Events were discussed.  This year is not a Sweet Interlude year, therefore it will be a Family Fun Event. The option of movie nights, and/or organized cheering and concession nights for Menno sports teams was discussed.  More details on when sporting events are scheduled for are forthcoming.  All grades would then be encouraged to come and cheer, hangout and have fellowship in the school (while potential concessions are running).
  • Potential movies were discussed, including MULLY, and if we could have the school organized to go out to a private screening of this movie . Maureen will investigate.
  • It was also discussed to possibly have a private screening of the movie WONDER, which comes out later this fall.


  1. The school will be showing the movie SCREENAGERS on October 5th.  In discussion with Mr. Knafla, there is some debate as to if children should be permitted to attend the evening showing (which is currently adults only), or if the school should show the movie to the children in the day.  There was discussion on what age would be appropriate to view this movie during school hours.  Maureen and Mr. Knafla will be discussing more in days to come.
  1.  Discussion around the school calendar - that October 19 & 20th are days OFF.  Additionally, the  school no longer has half days Fridays at the end of the month.
  1.  Discussion regarding the Family school liaison - Kathy Roe- and details about what she can do to help families, and how we can best utilize her (as she is currently under utilized).  She will be attending our next School Council Meeting in October.
  1.  Brief discussion regarding what dates/ times parent teacher meals should be offered, and how we will divide up the rooms assigned to each date.  Due to time constraints this, this allocation of meals will be postponed until October meeting.

Next Meeting:

Monday, October 16 at 2:00 p.m. in the Staff Room.




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